Board elections

The Sister Cities International (SCI) Board of Directors is elected by its voting members. The election normally  includes both electronic voting and in person voting. However, this year the entire election will be held virtually  with electronic voting. The results of the Election will be announced at the SCI Annual Business Meeting  scheduled for July 16, 2021.

More information on the election, as well as service on the Board of Directors can be found here or in the FAQ section.

Sister Cities International is committed to the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our  organization at all levels.


Ten (10) At-Large Board positions as well as the Young Professional position will be filled by election. The Young  Professional is for a two-year term (2021-2023). Seven (7) of the at-large positions are for full three-year terms (2021-2024), two (2) are for a two-year term (2021-2023) and one (1) is for a one-year position  (2021-2022). The three-year positions will be filled by the 1st through 7th place candidates, the two-year by the  8th place and the 9th place and the one year, 10th place. 

Voting will be available online between June 1st and July 15th. Applicants, please review the documents below and submit all required materials before Monday, April 12th.


The application page, to be completed, signed, and scanned, and submitted as a PDF.


Answers to the narrative portion below, submitted in Word format. All narrative answers will be reproduced  in each candidate’s profile on the SCI website and other election materials produced to voting members.  Please take note of all word count limits throughout the application. If an applicant exceeds the desired  word count, Sister Cities International may edit your response to meet the requirements.


Headshot/Photograph for use on election materials and ballot, submitted as.jpeg/.png.


Letter of support from an elected official or representative of a local sister city program (Board  Chair/President/ Committee Head), submitted as a PDF (max size, 1MB). If you have questions about  recommender’s eligibility, please contact Leroy Allala at

All candidates will receive electronic confirmation of their applications within two days of receipt. If you do not  receive confirmation within two days, please contact or call 202-347-8630

Please be sure to review the FAQ for Board applicants, available online here. 

Narrative Portion: Please submit answers to the following in Word format with your application materials: 

  1. A brief biographical description, including relevant experience in your sister city program or other organizations (up to 250 words). 
  2. A statement of why you want to run for the Board of Directors (up to 200words). 
  3. The major skills and assets that you will bring to the Board (up to 75words).


Seven (7) At-Large Board positions will be filled by election. All seven (7) positions are for full three year terms (2020-2023). Voting will begin on June 1st, 2020 and is available through July 7th 2020, and will be conducted online. The ballot is available to view below.

View the 2020 Candidates Forum here  with the password: 6V*+$5@s

2014 Annual Conference BOard Members and State Representatives


February 15 – Application posted to SCI website 

April 12 – Applications due 

April 19-22 – Elections Subcommittee reviews applications and certifies candidates  

April 26-April 29 – Board Development Committee meets to review candidates and make  recommendations. 

May 7 (minimum 60 days prior to Business Meeting)- Certified Candidates and Amendments to  the Bylaws posted to website 

May 17-28 – Preparation of Voting Platform and Mock Election 

May 17-28 – Virtual Candidates Forum, to be conducted by State Representatives June 1 – Voting opens and electronic ballots sent to Members 

July 15-16 – Virtual Annual Meeting and Conference


Please note that some details have changed as we have switched to a Virtual Annual Conference.

After candidates have been certified by the Elections Committee of the Board of Directors, they will be presented to Sister Cities International voters on May 1, via electronic communications as well as postings on our website. Voting will be open from June 1st to July 15th prior to the Annual Business Meeting on July 16th.

Voters will be sent an electronic ballot on June 1st and must submit their electronic ballot by July 15th.  The Annual Business Meeting and Annual Conference will be held virtually July 15-16, 2021.

Directors are elected by SCI’s member communities, with one or more representatives from each community serving as the voter(s)/delegate(s). Electronic ballots are sent to the primary contact SCI has on record, which is often either the President & CEO, Board Chair, or city liaison for a member community.

Yes. Votes are weighted as either two, three, or four votes depending on the size of the community.

Candidates’ answers to the narrative questions (bio, why you are running, skills & assets) will be provided to members. There will also be a virtual candidate forum conducted by the State Representatives that will be posted on the Sister Cities website.

The Annual conference runs from July 15-16, 2021.  The Annual Business Meeting will be held virtually on July 16, 2021.

No. All candidates must commit to attending the conference/annual meeting. 

Results will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting.

Please contact Board Chair, Carol Robertson Lopez at or Leroy Allala at

There are up to 27 members of the Board of Directors, including the Chair, Immediate Past Chair (Chair Emeritus), twenty-one At-Large Members, one Young Professional Representative, one State Representative, and two members appointed by the Chair with the approval of the rest of the Board. The 21 At-Large Directors serve three-year terms, with the other five serving two-year terms.

The Executive Committee is composed of the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and three At-Large members. In addition to the Executive Committee, there are committees for Audit, Board Development, Finance, Fund Development, Governance, Human Resources, Membership, and Strategy & Programs. Committees include Directors, State Representatives, Honorary Board Members, or others appointed by the Board Chair. Ad hoc committees or task forces may also be created at the Chair’s discretion.

The Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and the two At-Large Executive Committee members are elected by the Board during the final Board meeting at the Annual Conference, following the election and appointment of new Directors. Officers are elected each year, except for the Vice Chair, who is elected every other year, and who assumes the position of Board Chair upon the expiration of the Chair’s term.

Each Director must attend four Board meetings throughout the year: two at the Annual Conference/Annual Business Meeting, which occurs in mid-July to early-August every year, one Fall Leadership Meeting, usually occurring in October with the location determined by the Board Chair, and one at the Spring Leadership Meeting, which generally occurs in March in Washington, DC. (dates and locations are subject to change). In addition, each Director must serve on at least one committee, which typically meets once per month via conference call, and which may include additional tasks depending on the committee. The Officers’ responsibilities can be found in Sister Cities International’s Bylaws.

Board members will make a meaningful personal Global Leaders Circle contribution of a minimum $2,500 for each calendar year (or portion of a calendar year) they serve on the Board of Directors. Board Member Global Leader Circle contributions are expected during the first quarter of each calendar year unless individual special installment arrangements are pre- approved by the Board Chair. In addition, each Director is expected to bear the cost of travel, hotel, and incidental expenses for the Annual Conference and two Leadership Meetings, as well as registration for the Annual Conference.

Each Director must sign Sister Cities International’s Disclosure Statement, Conflict of Interest policy, and Code of Ethics upon assumption of Board duties.

Yes, each Director serves a maximum of two terms. However, the term of the Chair (two years) may be in addition to the two terms served as an elected Board member. After serving two consecutive terms a Director may run again after sitting off the Board for one year.

Yes. Upon election to the Board new Directors will receive an orientation following their election at the Annual Business Meeting.  The orientation is led by the Board’s HR Compliance Officer.

Please contact Chair, Carol Robertson Lopez at or CEO and President Leroy Allala at